Resilient Communities

In June 2017, the Foundation launched its Resilient Communities Initiative with a three-part community briefing series headlined by well-known experts on community resilience and findings from an independent study focused on assessing our local and regional capacity for future resilience. The series launched a community dialogue around strengthening regional resilience and finding ways to ensure our local communities’ long-term economic and social wellbeing.

The Resilient Communities Initiative catalyzed broad-based, cross-sector support for greater local governmental cooperation, leading to an ongoing series of informal Resilient Community Roundtable discussions among top elected local and county leaders and administrators to explore ways in which municipalities might work together to benefit each municipality and the region as a whole. 

Wisconsin Policy Forum Research

From these Resilient Community Roundtables arose a shared interest in independent study and analysis to better inform further discussion around possible collaboration. Wisconsin Policy Forum (WPF) conducted these studies, which include in-depth fiscal analyses of each municipality and the county, as well as a regional service analysis, with the oversight of municipal administrators and involvement of service department staff.