Our Mission

The mission of the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread is to create intimate, inspiring meeting and conference experiences that foster collaboration and innovative problem-solving.  Bringing almost six decades of convening expertise to regional, national and global groups of leaders and experts, the Foundation is wholly dedicated to convening for positive and lasting change.

We have two primary strategic objectives.  First, we design and implement conferences on issues and topics of special concern to the Foundation.  One current programmatic focus is on catalyzing a Resilient Community initiative to improve the future health and well-being of our local neighboring communities leading to broadly-shared prosperity.  Second, we work with a variety of other organizations to design and implement conferences and meetings that result in positive change on issues and topics of importance to them. Here, the Foundation models how to have meaningful, fruitful, robust, and civil discussions on important issues.

How We Work

We achieve our strategic objectives by providing best-in-class conference planning, guidance and leadership, including, among others: 

  • Designing and implementing convening and collaborative strategies to make a meaningful difference on specific issues of importance to the Foundation.
  • Communicating the key outcomes and results to appropriate stakeholders.
  • Assisting conference organizers in designing an overall experience that cultivates strong, effective communication among attendees.   
  • Assisting and/or coaching organizers on convening best practices, including defined meeting objectives, key discussion topics, results-oriented agenda planning and post-conference action planning and action steps follow-thru to ensure continue positive momentum.    
  • Educating organizers on communication, decision-making, conflict resolution and civil discourse best practices, as well as sharing our ongoing, celebrated legacy of world-class convening which catalyzed new solutions in variety of arenas. 

Message from our Chairman Helen Johnson-Leipold

The Johnson family's people-focused values have guided the way we run our businesses and the causes we have championed for five generations. Central to these is our commitment to helping ensure a sustainable, healthy environment and a strong, vibrant local community. The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread reaffirms that commitment with its dedicated focus on convening meetings to bring forward new ideas and actionable solutions to the key ecological and regional challenges we face.

Frank Lloyd Wright's landmark Wingspread is the centerpiece and namesake of our conference center. Wingspread's iconic design is as innovative and relevant today as it was when it was built in 1939. Our goal is to create and host meetings that inspire solutions as creative and sustainable as Wright's design. That is why we welcome those with vastly differing perspectives on important issues in an intimate and stimulating environment where every voice is heard and respected. We firmly believe that from this tapestry of viewpoints will emerge a new, clearer roadmap to a better tomorrow for generations to come.

Helen Johnson-Leipold

Chairman, The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread