Heroes for Health: R.L. Woods

This spotlight series is designed to profile members of the Racine Collaborative for Children’s Mental Health. Over the coming months, the series will feature individual Collaborative members, each of whom is integral to the group’s efforts to forge stronger connections and establish new approaches to strengthen the social and emotional development of our children.

This series is an opportunity to highlight and recognize the diverse individuals, services and resources available to the Racine community.

Who: Rev. R.L. Woods, Senior Pastor of Word of Life Christian Worship Center

Website: http://on.fb.me/I1XioZ

Email: RL72woods@yahoo.com

About Word of Life Christian Worship Center: Word of Life Christian Worship Center is a five-fold ministry that are developing kingdom lives to the glory of God. We believe in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and our primary aim is to develop kingdom citizens that operates in the "true" image and "nature" of God.

Words from R.L., a Hero for Health

As pastor of Word of Life Worship Center, I am in a unique position to help people in need. From my perspective, the suffering that an individual or family experiences when struggling with unmet mental health issues affects the mind, body and spirit. And we in the faith community have a meaningful role to play in providing support and help for those in need – whether they receive our faith or not.

The Racine Collaborative for Children’s Mental Health is about brilliant minds coming together in unity. Doing so enables us to look at the issue from all perspectives and take a holistic approach to providing for the mental health needs of the individual members of our community and region. By coming together, we are no longer one entity, one organization, one practitioner, or one family member trying to do all the work. We are a powerful collaboration coming together to address this challenge and help individuals in need.

We’ll be able to measure our future success by whether individuals in need have a clear understanding of the options available to them – where to go and who to turn to in order that they might access care and programs of support. Our hope is that in the future, individuals in need can access care without having to build their understanding from the ground up. The services they need already exist, we just need to point them in the right direction.



The faith-based community has access to immense resources and has the ability to connect these resources with parents and school systems to identify a solution. My congregation and congregations throughout Racine bring together doctors, psychologists, social workers, educators and others who can all help address the mental health needs of our children. Oftentimes, there is a disconnect amongst the various services available in our community and the faith-based community – with its diverse congregations – can help build connections by bringing our relationships and streams of influence to the table.

Here at Word of Life, we have a Community Life Center where we focus on a wide range of issues – including education and health. Our mission is to partner and collaborate with parents and others to provide children with the structure, support and care they need in order to be successful today and in the future.

Mental health issues are as much a spiritual crisis for an individual as they are a psychological crisis and I hope other spiritual leaders will join me and our partners in the collaborative in this fight to ensure all of our children grow up to live vibrant and fulfilling lives.

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