About the Foundation

We convene the right people on timely and compelling topics and empower them to find innovative solutions with sustained impact.  Our meetings among leaders and experts are small and intimate: the issues they address are big and important.  Our neutrality creates a unique oasis of trust so the diversity of perspectives around the table are heard and respected.  World-class facilitation inspires provocative, yet collaborative, dialogue.  

Interesting things begin to happen.  A common vision emerges.  A new path is discovered.  Alliances are built.  Transformational change takes root.   

Who we are reflects the passions and values of the Johnson Family.  Three generations of this successful Midwestern business family have guided our work.  Their enduring commitment to a better world is also our vision.   

Our legacy spans 50 years.  Several organizations were conceived here, among them: the National Endowment for the Arts, National Public Radio, the International Criminal Court and the Presidential Climate Action Plan.  Wingspread, the centerpiece of our campus, is a designated U.S. National Historic Landmark. 

Conversations From Wingspread®

“Conversations from Wingspread” are made available by the Johnson Foundation as a public service. Please click here for three digital examples.