Upcoming Conferences

We plan and host meetings that have impact on the future of the environment and our community.
Wednesday, January 09, 2019 - Friday, January 11, 2019
Ounce of Prevention Fund, Early Opportunities LLC and Center for the Study of Social Policy

The proposed Wingspread convening will launch collective conversations and secure a commitment to action among local and national stakeholders to strengthen the capacity of local communities (e.g., cities, counties, school districts) to harness the momentum of community-led early childhood initiatives and bring greater coherence and unity to a highly-fragmented early childhood field. 
Specifically, the meeting will yield a plan to: accelerate the pace with which local and national organizations share and synthesize learning and knowledge about what’s working in building early childhood systems locally; connect community leaders to one another and to the expertise and resources they need; enhance the effectiveness of the work of national organizations supporting communities; and unify efforts to achieve greater collective impact. Ultimately we aim to increase the number of young children and families who are served by quality early childhood systems in their community, and to improve health and educational outcomes at scale. 

The vision of a local early childhood system is critical to this goal.  Improving early childhood outcomes – i.e., assuring healthy births, having young children arrive at school ready to learn, with schools ready to teach – requires cross-sector systems that link quality early care and education, maternal and child health, family support services and other resources, as well as place parents’ concerns, parent leadership and a commitment to equity for all children as central components of their local aspirations.

Thursday, February 21, 2019
U.S. Attorney’s Office - Milwaukee and Fight to End Exploitation

The Purpose of our meeting is to ENGAGE our regional law enforcement partners through EDUCATION and EMPOWERMENT to contribute to more resilient communities in Wisconsin on the issue of human trafficking. 

By convening some of the most senior and dedicated local police officials and experts on the issue, the meeting will help catalyze collaboration among diverse stakeholders, explore new solutions and ultimately bring about positive and lasting change in our communities by providing the participants with the unique chance to exchange experience with their peers and jointly identify ways to collaborate that will enable them to effectively tackle human trafficking, one of the most important community challenges of our time. 

With the FOXCONN project underway, the timing is urgent. Experience elsewhere has shown that similar massive projects bring with them a wave of criminal activity that threaten the social resilience of communities. This meeting with give us a rare opportunity to address the pending threats by bringing together the right people with different viewpoints at the right time to explore new solutions that will lead to new approaches to human trafficking before the problem fully manifests itself.


Monday, March 16, 2020 - Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

The purpose of the 2020 Wright Site Directors Summit is to convene the directors of Frank Lloyd Wright-designed public sites across the country to discuss key issues that are unique to Wright historic sites and house museums.  Topics will include engaging younger, non-traditional audiences; strengthening organizational governance; and developing fundraising and conservation management plans to ensure the continued preservation of the physical building and the sustained growth of its function as a historic site.