Heroes for Health: Rondi Rork

This spotlight series is designed to profile members of the Racine Collaborative for Children’s Mental Health. Over the coming months, the series will feature individual Collaborative members, each of whom is integral to the group’s efforts to forge stronger connections and establish new approaches to strengthen the social and emotional development of our children.

This series is an opportunity to highlight and recognize the diverse individuals, services and resources available to the Racine community.

Who: Rondi Rork, Clinical Psychologist

Website: http://www.rrork.com

Email: rondi@rrork.com

Phone: 262-884-4848

About Rondi Rork: Rondi is a licensed psychologist providing individual and family therapy for adults, adolescents and children. She specializes in therapy services for childhood and adult depression, anxiety and panic attacks, survivors of abuse and assault, families, couples, and women's issues, among others. Rondi also provides professional presentations, consultations and supervision for organizations

Words from Rondi, a Hero for Health:

Mental health challenges can affect every aspect of an individual’s life, and for many in our community, the barriers to care are very real. As community leaders and care providers, it is imperative that we consider and address these barriers in a comprehensive fashion.

For too many families in our community who are working with limited financial resources, issues like mental health can, understandably, take a back seat. In addition, parents are often faced with the stigma associated with mental health issues. Some fear their own abilities will be called into question if they seek help for their child. Access to care – particularly the transportation logistics involved with getting to services that are housed in multiple locations - is another challenge.

Every family has different needs, and engaging parents with compassion is paramount. While one parent might benefit from assistance with transportation to and from care providers, another may need to be able to access services outside the usual 9-to-5 schedule. Many families simply want someone to walk them through the maze of mental health services and help them navigate options.

I’m particularly encouraged by our exploration of school-based mental health services. I see many benefits from providing services where children spend much of their time. This approach to care has great potential for increasing parental participation in a child’s care – with much less running around from appointment to appointment. School-based services can also help a child stay on track academically, which can dramatically improve their chance at success in the classroom.

Solutions emerge when we share ideas and share responsibility. I am pleased to be working with the Collaborative’s diverse group of community members so that we can also share our resources to work toward the shared goal of a vibrant, enriched future for the families of Racine.

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